Postcards from the Subconscious
that's what dreams are
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Summary: rnrn "She is too old," and the sorrow is back again, "to travel back and forth. If she is to live in her world, she must learn the ways of her world. And to some extent, though she will never forget, she must put Narnia aside and learn to live as the women in her world do [...]But she may stay, and return with you to Narnia...But only she may, for her brother and cousin have roles still to play before the last day ends. And if she does, she will not return to England. She is a Daughter of Eve, and your kind is made to live in one place, under one set of laws." Lucy/Caspian, AU end to VotDT, with standalone stories in the same universe and plans for a full-length sequel.rn NEW--> 10/07/14: 3 new chapters added, ending with The Dawn Treader returning to Ramandu's Isle.
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