Postcards from the Subconscious
that's what dreams are
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Scott takes the plane out every day, even if it's only for a few minutes.

His excuse is that they need to make sure it's always in perfect maintenance.

Hank is one of his oldest friends, and things are better than they were right after Jean's death. (He can think that now and it doesn't make him feel sick from guilt. He calls this improvement.)

Hank is one of his best and oldest friends, and Scott pretends that Hank doesn't, sometimes, give him a harsh look when Scott kisses Emma (only him, never Emma), and pretends that there's not a picture of a red haired woman on Hank's desk, and in return Hank pretends that everything is all right, mostly.

Pretending is like denial.

They're all very good at it.

Logan is the most honest of them all, in a way.

He'll threaten Scott, and get it out of his system, and then be fine for a few days or weeks before dropping remarks the way you might drop an atomic bomb. The result's not unlike a nuclear explosion, either.

Scott's not sure honesty is something he likes.

And he's not sure what he thinks about that.

Piotr is still trying to get used to life again. He's not, he confesses to Scott, very sure he'll be good at it for a while, and the fact that people say this and mean it, Scott thinks, shows how very fucked up they all are.

Piotr isn't honest, but he doesn't lie, either. He just looks tired, far more often than he ever did before, and when Emma passes by his face goes blank like steel. Scott wonders if it's because of Kitty that Piotr keeps distance between Frost and himself, but isn't sure that's being fair.

He's not sure it isn't true, but he know that truth and fairness rarely walk hand-in-hand.

Kitty helps him maintain the plane, and he watches her tear at wires in disgust and remembers her being smaller and moving without such deliberation. Different kinds of grace, that where movement is careless and that where it's planned out five steps ahead.

Just another change.

"Everybody lies," she says, and he smiles a little because she's been watching too much House and because it's true.

"Loving someone doesn't mean you like them," she says, and he knows it's true, because he knows Kitty doesn't like him very much most the time anymore and hasn't for a long time, and he knows that for all he loves Emma Frost he's not certain he likes her much, either.

"How many marriages are you planning on having?" she says and he winces, because Kitty's one of the ones who hasn't forgiven him for Maddie still.

"You love the sky," she says, and he nods, and she says, "She's the one who gave it to me," and Scott says only, "I know," and he realizes that the reason that everyone lies is that the truth hurts too much for everyone involved.

Scott flies the plane every day.

He never takes Emma with him.

And she watches from a window as he takes off and lands and keeps her own secrets.

And when Henry asks her if everything's all right, she looks over her shoulder and says, "Everything is fine," and she lies.

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