Postcards from the Subconscious
that's what dreams are
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(mistress mary quite contrary come and have tea with me)

Children always see things before anyone else.

Because they’re willing to.

Because when children look, they don’t filter out the impossible. They don’t know to do that yet.

Little girls are better at it, sometimes, than little boys.

(how does your garden grow when it’s always winter and never Christmas?)

She’s sent to live with a man she’s never met in a house that’s too big and too empty to feel warm and safe in. There’s a housekeeper who’s sharp-tempered and has no time for little girls, because that’s not her job, and so she amuses herself and goes exploring.

And little girls are curious.

So she steps through the



into a world that used to be full of life and laughter and sees winter and death and the ground asleep.

And she wonders how to wake it up, her fairy land.

Others come, and join her, and she watches winter fade away, and the green come out of the grey, and sees a

(robin singing)

(lion roaring)

and smiles.

Because her fairy land is real.

Because you never know what you’ll find when you step into a new place, but if you refuse to be stopped by something being impossible, you can always find something.

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